How to Make a Rose Cocktail

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Nothing says summer quite like a cold, perspiring glass of light strawberry-coloured rosé. It’s the delicious drink that punctuates those sunny calendar months with it’s photogenic aesthetic and distinctly refreshing taste.

Rosé is enjoyed by people the world over as they dine alfresco with their nearest and dearest, as they picnic on a grassy knoll with the sun setting over the horizon, or as they sip leisurely from their glass from the comfort of a beachfront resort.

To think that this universally recognised wine varietal began in ancient Greece as a simple under-macerated wine, only to transform into the global phenomenon it is today with the ever popular slogan “rosé all day” – it’s nothing short of remarkable. And dare we say, well deserved.


With its meteoric rise to the status quo of the go-to summer drink, rosé has also found its place amoung an innumerable list of cocktail recipes and alcoholic beverages eager to borrow from the off-red wine’s versatile flavor.

Depending on which variety you choose, a rosé’s flavor can range from the bright, syrup-like sweetness of a Pink Moscato to the crisp, dry character of a Grenache. The wide spectrum of flavour profiles has thus given way to a number of fresh and fruity drink combinations.

Rosé sangria, rosé spritzer, lychee rosé mimosa, bubbly strawberry rosé mojitos and the crowd favorite, Frozé are but a few of the pink wine iterations that have found their way onto the drink menus of bars and restaurants, both at home and abroad.


Not ones to shy away from an opportunity to try our hand at a new and nuanced rosé recipe, we here at Pampelle have developed our very own take on this classic summer drink.

Introducing Pampelle Rosé, a new favorite amoung rosé recipes. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

Usher in the warm seasons with friends and family over a few tall glasses filled with Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif, soda water, a garnish of Ruby Red Grapefruit, and of course, a hearty helping of dry rosé.

The result: an elegant marriage of rosé’s fruity versatile flavor and Pamelle’s distinct Grapefruit essence and mixability. Pampelle Rosé is refreshing rose spritz, complex with its mix of citrus notes, natural botanicals, bittersweet colors and crisp rosé taste.

It’s a drink that affords an exceptionally delicious cocktail experience. One to add to your personal drinks menu the next time you’re in the mood for that summer escape.

Rose Recipe

1 part Pampelle
2 parts Rosé
Top up with soda water

Build over ice into a tall glass.

Garnish with a slice of

Ruby Red Grapefruit.

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