How to Make a Negroni Cocktail

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To really answer this question it’s well worth taking a trip back to the drink’s humble beginnings.

Surprisingly, there’s not all that much agreement over just how the famous cocktail came into being. But the most widely reported account brings us into the early 20th century.

It was in 1919, in a now non-existent cafe in Florence that Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni set the wheels in motion for the creation of what would come to be one the world’s most popular beverages.

On what may well have been an otherwise unremarkable evening, The French general asked the bartender to strengthen his favorite cocktail of choice, the Americano. Obliging, the bartender did just that, swapping out the soda water for gin, and choosing to garnish with an orange wedge instead of the usual lemon slice – a subtle way of signifying the drink’s novelty.

To think that it was this chance happening that gave birth to the famous negroni recipe, a delicious mix of Italian bitters, vermouth, gin and an orange twist atop of a bed of ice cubes.


From it’s alcohol content and distilled gin, to the stir of vermouth and its bitter orange peel, the negroni cocktail recipe has remained for the most part unchanged since its serendipitous inception some hundred years ago.

And while these classic negroni ingredients continue to be sipped, slurped and sculled the world over, it is nonetheless a familiar taste, a cocktail wanting of something new, something to excite our collective palates.

To bring the beloved negroni cocktail into the modern era and imbue it with a new dimension of flavor, we here at Pampelle have developed the Pampelle Negroni. A new take on an old negroni recipe. Playing with the mix of ingredients by swapping out the traditional Italian alcoholic liqueur while retaining its signature designation as a negroni cocktail.

Starting with an ice-filled rocks glass, pour over equal parts Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif, gin and vermouth. Stir slightly and garnish with a Ruby Red Grapefruit peel, or even the classic orange slice, for a whole new negroni experience.

The result is a unique and delicious taste sensation unlike any other negroni you may have tried before. Our Pampelle Grapefruit juice liqueur blends beautifully with the liquor and vermouth to accentuate the drink’s citrus tones, natural botanicals and bittersweet essences.

Treat yourself to a cold, refreshing glass of Pampelle Negroni for a new summer twist on an old-fashioned recipe.

How to Make a Negroni Cocktail

1 part Pampelle
1 part Gin
1 part Vermouth Blanc (sweet)

Take a tumbler or rocks glass and fill with ice.

Pour in the measured ingredients and give a slight stir.

Cut a swathe of Ruby Red Grapefruit peel and twist over the drink then garnish inside glass.

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