Where to Get Pampelle

Premium spirits importer and distributer, Mangrove UK, has confirmed that Pampelle Aperitif can now be found in 199 Waitrose stores across the UK. With the UK heading into the Summer months, the delicious ruby red grapefruit Aperitif is the ideal purchase to add to your basket!

Pampelle is an artisanal, versatile liqueur capturing the bitter-sweet essence of ruby red grapefruit.  Created using hand-picked Ruby Red Grapefruit from Corsica, the grapefruit is distilled three-ways and then citrus infused with peels from around the world and blended with natural botanicals.  It is 30% lower in sugar than other leading aperitifs.

John Vine, Spirits Buyer at Waitrose, commented, “We are delighted to have this brilliant brand to join the collection at Waitrose. We are always looking for interesting new products which will inspire our customers, who expect the very highest quality from us. Pampelle brings with it a high quality, flavoursome drinking experience.”

Nick Gillett, Managing Director, Mangrove UK, added, “It’s great to extend Mangrove’s successful relationship with Waitrose and list another high quality Mangrove brand.  We look forward to providing Waitrose customers the chance to discover Pampelle’s distinctive flavours.”

Look out for the distinctive bottle in your Waitrose store today!