As nice as it is to revel in the beautifully temperate weather of sunny summer months, grapefruit cocktail in hand, winter is not without its perks. With the brisk air ushering in a seasonal change of fashion and falling temperatures resigning us to the indoors, there’s no better time of year to delight in a warm, comforting glass of mulled wine, or any other seasonally appropriate cocktail for that matter. To prepare you for those snug winter moments, we’ve compiled a delicious list of the 6 best winter cocktails, sure to see you through those cold and cosy occasions. 

  1. Winter Negroni 

For those who want to savour the festive summer vibes just a little while longer, or those who relish the thought of leaning into the season’s colder character, the Winter Negroni is a refreshing wintry twist on the classic beverage. Testament to the Negroni’s impressive versatility, this drink builds on the traditional ingredients of gin and vermouth, adding a luscious base of Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif; caramelised orange slices; and, a familiar fusion of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and star anise. Ring in the chilly season with a spiced take on the classic cocktail. 

  1. Mulled Wine 

Whether you’re wanting to stave off the icy weather or warm up after a day on the slopes, Mulled Wine will always be a popular go-to for the colder seasons. A sweet and easily constructed drink, this classic winter cocktail calls for a base of dry red wine (Merlot or Grenache are fine options), a spike of brandy, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, mulling spices such as whole clove and star anise, and a touch of maple syrup or simple syrup for sweetener. Keep your guests satisfied during the holidays with this toasty winter cocktail. 

  1. Butterscotch Hot Chocolate 

This creamy winter treat puts a slightly boozy twist on the classic cup of hot chocolate. Starting with a regular mix of milk and cocoa, add butterscotch schnapps, ground nutmeg and a topping of whipped cream with a drizzle of chocolate syrup for an utterly decadent drink in winter time. Butterscotch Hot Chocolate is your perfect velvety cocktail to curl up with this Christmas – fireplace, candy canes and all! 

  1. Hot Toddy 

A smart choice for intimate family gatherings, the Hot Toddy is a pleasantly hydrating cocktail that can be sipped on at your leisure or enjoyed as a nightcap. Sometimes said to be the warm-blooded cousin of an Old Fashioned, the Hot Toddy combines hot water, honey, lemon juice, cloves, whiskey and a cinnamon stick for a truly warming sensation. While scotch and bourbon might be the traditional whiskey choices, this cocktail could easily benefit from a swap of dark rum or cognac. 

  1. Mud Slide 

When sitting around the bright warmth of the fireplace gets a bit too toasty, cool yourself down with this chilled, creamy winter cocktail. Simply combine Irish Cream Liqueur, vodka, heavy cream, coffee-flavoured liqueur and ice to achieve a truly indulgent winter cocktail. For a dash of extra decadence just shave some chocolate on the top as a garnish, or line the inside of the glass with a modest (or generous) serving of chocolate syrup. 

  1.  Winter Cranberry Cocktail 

If a splash of refreshing fruitness is more your speed, the Winter Cranberry cocktail is sure to satisfy your summery taste buds. In a shaker, mix cranberry juice (fresh cranberries if you can), lime juice, agave, vodka, orange zest and ice. Strain the mix equally among martini glasses, top with ginger ale and garnish with a strip of orange for a fun winter beverage you can pull out during more formal gatherings among family and friends.