There’s no better excuse to round up your close friends and family, take to the outdoors and reap full advantage of the gorgeous balmy weather than with a themed summer party. It’s a seasonal celebration that calls for good food, colourful decor, some fun and creative theme ideas, and some delicious cocktails for good measure. What better way to spend your summer? 

It’s no secret that grapefruit is one of the most popular fruits to feature on drink menus the world over. Whether enjoyed as the base of drink or used to add a touch of brightness to a beverage, its beautifully tart and citrusy flavour makes grapefruit an excellent addition to countless cocktail recipes. In honour of the iconic ingredient we have put together a refreshing list of the top 5 grapefruit cocktails that are sure to satisfy your tropical thirst. 

Grapefruit Spritz

Putting a fresh twist on a classic cocktail recipe, the Grapefruit Spritz plays on that familiar summer flavour that we all know and love. Simply pour one part club soda, three parts Prosecco and two parts of our signature Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit juice over ice in a large wine glass and stir. Top it all off with a decorative wedge of grapefruit for a decidedly refreshing cocktail, perfect for any occasion. 

Pampelle cocktail

Salty Dog 

This play on the standard Greyhound cocktail is a choice pick among those who want more than just a modest splash of delicious pink grapefruit juice. In a salted rim highball glass, start with one part gin followed by a generous two parts fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, all over a mountain of ice. 

Alternatively, you may combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain accordingly for a more diluted effect. Ironically, this cocktail offers a notably sweeter taste as the salt works to balance out the grapefruit’s naturally bitter flavour.


Reigning as one of Mexico’s most notable contributions to the portfolio of world beverages, the Paloma retains a distinctively bubbly and sweeter character owing to its tempered avail of the ruby red fruit. 

As simple as it is delicious, this cocktail merely calls for a mix of one part tequila, half a shot of simple syrup and a squeeze of lime in a highball glass, topped up with three parts grapefruit soda. If you’re after some extra flair, a salted rim with a lime wheel garnish are a couple of common additions. 

Sea Breeze 

Another popular go-to for those balmy summer months, this beautifully refreshing drink is often heralded as being a retro icon of 1980s drinking culture. Preparing this grapefruit cocktail is as easy as filling a tall glass with ice and building one part vodka, one part grapefruit juice and two parts cranberry juice, stirred and garnished with lime. A true 80s throwback. 

Brown Derby 

Though the Brown Derby may consist of only a trio of ingredients, its flavour profile is anything but insipid. This delectable blend of bourbon whiskey, fresh grapefruit juice and honey syrup delivers a classic sweet and citrusy beverage. Hardly surprising that this signature grapefruit cocktail has held global acclaim since it first came on the scene in the 1930s.