There’s no better excuse to round up your close friends and family, take to the outdoors and reap full advantage of the gorgeous balmy weather than with a themed summer party. It’s a seasonal celebration that calls for good food, colourful decor, some fun and creative theme ideas, and some delicious cocktails for good measure. What better way to spend your summer? 


Summer Party Ideas from Pampelle

To get you in the summer party mood with a hearty helping of inspiration, we at Pampelle have put our idea hats on and drawn up a list of some of the most popular summer party themes, so you can pick the party theme that’s right up your alley.


As the makers of an artisanal and bittersweet Grapefruit Aperitif, a liqueur that owes its origins to the warm sunny weather and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, we know what it means to embrace the summer vibes. After all, savouring those moments, memories and feelings we all associate with the holidays is what Pampelle is all about.


So let’s get started! 


Summer Party Themes 

From classic beach party themes to the more topical Cottagecore parties, you’re bound to find the perfect theme for your next summer party event. 


Luau Themed Party

In a true Hawaiian tradition, why not treat everyone to a tropical backyard Luau? 

What will you need? 

Throw some inflatable palm trees and beach balls around the place, line the walls and fences with a bit of fake greenery, maybe some complementary leis for your guests? And if you really want to nail the theme, try going for a tiki bar as well! Give the people something to remember with hollowed out pineapples full to the brim with a bittersweet Pampelle cocktail. 


Roaring 20s Themed Party

Turn the dress code up a notch with a throwback to the glitz and glam of The Great Gatsby era. With flapper dresses and three piece suits galore, the photo opportunities will be endless. 


What will you need? 

Turn your home into the real thing with red curtains or black and gold printed backdrops. Some luxe table cloths and shiny decorative napkins will only make things better. And, to truly keep in line with the prohibition-era theme, a lofty supply of sneaky Pampelle cocktails. 


Carnival Themed Party 

How about a summer party theme that gives you a tinge of childhood nostalgia? Think circus tents, bags of popcorn, games of skill and a lot of red and white stripes. In a nutshell, the perfect party theme to bring the night (or day) alive with all your guests having a super fun time. 


What will you need? 

Bust out the ring toss, gather the face paints, sugar the churros and ready the ice cream machine, and get ready for one of the best summer party themes you could possibly have.  



Pool Party Theme 

What screams summer more than a good old fashioned pool party? The hot summer sun, a cool refreshing dip in the pool, friends and family, what more could you want?


What will you need? 


Plant some colourful sun umbrellas around the backyard, fill the pool with a bunch of blowup toys and a few inflatable lounges, get the BBQ going with some tasty summer food, and make sure those ice cold cocktails are flowing all night long. As far as summer party themes for adults go, this one is a sure winner. So sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful summer vibes within the comfort of your own backyard. 


Cottagecore Themed Party 

Feel like slowing things down a bit, taking a break from the urban lifestyle and indulging in something that’s a touch more quaint? Say no more. A Cottagecore themed summer party is exactly what you need to give your guests a taste of something delightfully different. 


What will you need? 

With a philosophy dedicated to celebrating that idealised rural lifestyle, you can expect your party to have everything from cosy, pottery-filled interiors to crafts such as crocheting, knitting, even weaving flower crowns. 


This summer party theme is also a great excuse to lay down a mat outside and have a cute little picnic with friends and family, enjoying some homemade baked goods and freshly made fruit preserves. 


French Garden Party Theme 

Escape to the South of France in your own backyard with an idyllic French Garden Party. A summer party theme for when you feel like striking that balance between casual and classy. 


What will you need? 


Picture a rustic wooden outdoor table, littered with a selection of wines, hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, baguettes and a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. Elegantly set white tableware will only add to the ambience, and some well-placed festoon lights will really make the scene when the sun starts to go down. 


Which popular summer party theme will you choose? 

From Hawaii to France and Carnivals to Cottagecore, there’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to picking this summer’s party theme. In the end, it’s all up to you. 


Want to seize the hot and sunny summer weather? Then why not throw a classic pool party? Is a relaxed sit down affair more your speed? Then how about a French Garden party? The choice is yours!